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Carbon Nanotubes Overview
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Leading the Industry
Here at Cnano Technology, we have developed a unique catalytic process allowing the production of carbon nanotubes in a continuous mode with tonnage capacity. This patented technology outshines many traditional processes to make carbon nanotubes, where yield is low and is restricted by process limitations to batch production. With our continuous nanotube production in commercial chemical reactors, we have realized a high volume product of a very consistent quality. As made, our carbon nanotube products are in the form of agglomerates of up to a few hundreds of micrometers. These agglomerates, upon designated processes, can be dispersed into a variety of matrix including liquid, polymer, metal, ceramics, etc. The resulting composites have been shown to enable breakthrough performance in a wide range of applications.

Our proprietary product and manufacturing technology is the culmination of significant research and development over the last decade. Combining capital efficient reactor design, and higher raw material utilization, Cnano is a leading player in providing cost-effective CNTs and composites to enable breakthrough performance in a number of near term applications.